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(Your tour package and map of the Downcast Coastal Chamber of Commerce Region, Steuben to Jonesport/Beals)

Your tour begins at Steubenand ends in Jonesport/Beals. At the county line old Route I takes you into Steuben village, past a campground on the water and historic homes. Upstream, canoeing/kayaking is available by put-in at the small bridge over TUNK STREAM. At the village center is located  WEIL'S SCULPTURE GALLERY AND GARDENS on Tunk Stream and the historic  MOORE PARISH HALL, an outstanding building which you can tour. Continue east on Route 1 and take a right on the Pigeon Hill Road to visit the PETIT MANAN NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE, with two interpretive footpaths to the shore. On your way, you have a nice view of PETIT MANAN LIGHTHOUSE and you pass the only outdoor retreat for women, RAVEN'S RETREAT. You can park along Pigeon Hill Road and take a canoe or Kayak across a short channel to visit the WILDLIFE REFUGE section of BOIS  BUBERT  ISLAND, a beautiful wild island with a small lake in the middle. There is a small down-home restaurant on this road and another back in Steuben village.

Continue east on Route 1 to Milbridge, a historic sea faring and shipbuilding community. Just inside the village, your Route turns right on the Wyman Road, to drive down a thin peninsula where you can visit McCLELLAN PARK, ten acres of beautiful rocky shore with picnic areas, campsites, tidal pools, and trails. Back on Route 1, visit the MILBRIGE HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM on south Main Street, which offers exhibits about the region's rich shipbuilding history, local industries, and artifacts from the past. Craft shops, two restaurants, a motel, bed and breakfasts, and laundry are in the town center. Before continuing your tour on Route 1, visit the BOAT RAMP AND MARINA by crossing the bridges on Route 1 A. You'll be rewarded with a great view down Narraguagus Bay to open sea and many islands. At high tide watch overhead for eagles and ospreys. The tidal drop here is 10-12 feet, giving the area a very different look, depending upon the tides. There is also a campground just beyond the marina. A few miles further down Route 1-A is an unusual collectibles store.

Back on Route 1, your next stop is Cherryfield, home of an extensive NATIONAL HISTORIC DISTRICT because it contains intact residential and commercial buildings that clearly depict the nineteenth century development of a riverside community. Walking and guided tours are available. An art gallery, three restaurants, a motel, and B & B's are located in the village, as well as an antique mall. In the summer the Cherryfield Band performs at the new large BANDSTAND on Main Street on Tuesday nights. The historic   RICKER'S  BLACKSMITH SHOP is located in the village and can be viewed by appointment, as well as WYMAN'S  and CHERRYFIELD  FOODS  BLUEBERRY PROCESSING PLANTS, and the village offer tours.

Access to many water activities is available from Cherryfield. You can have a pleasant hour and a half of Narraguagus River TIDAL CANOEING AND KAYAKING to and from Milbridge marina. Just five minutes from the village center is theNARRAGUAGUS RIVER DAM, for wonderful swimming and a canoe/kayak launch to upstream east and west branches. It also provides a take-out if needed from upstream launches. REGISTERED GUIDES are available in Cherryfield as needed.

The tour Route now turns left to Route 182 out of Cherryfield, past  The Dusty Rose a unique antique shop, and to FOUR PRISTINE MOUNTAIN LAKES that offer swimming, canoeing/kayaking, and fishing. This part of the tour offers great hiking and viewing from three mountains, TUNK AND SCHOODIC MOUNTAINS for several hour hikes and MT. CATHERINE for a short 10-15 minute hike.  Back in Cherryfield, the tour moves north on Route 193, turning right on the Ridge Road to the BLUEBERRY BARRENS, 12,000 acres of wild blueberry land. 

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