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Tour:  Part Two

Before turning, however, you can continue up Route 193 to Deblois and Beddington where you can canoe/kayak down the Narraguagus River on a two-day trip from Beddington or a 1-day trip from Deblois. An organic farm in Beddington offers family blueberry raking in August. A salmon hatchery is also located in Beddington.

Ridge Road out of Cherryfield takes  you in to the depths of the BARRENS where you can view blueberry fields to the horizon. In the middle of the barrens is the historic EPPING BASE LINE, built in 1857, to survey the eastern coastline, located at the highest point of the barrens with views of surrounding mountains used as measuring sites. Access to the barrens is also available from Route 1 in Harrington, a former shipbuilding town with historic homes, one of the largest christmas wreath factories in the world WORCESTER  WREATH  COMPANY , and an ART GALLERY.

Near the road from Harrington and the Epping base line is a road leading north into the barrens and two put ins for CANOE/KAYAK TRIPS on the Pleasant River--three hour and one day trips down the Pleasant through the GREAT HEATH, the largest bog in New England. Continuing on the Ridge Road through the barrens, you reach the COLUMBIA TOWN HALL, where you'll find outstanding views to the surrounding river valley and blueberry barrens.

Just before the Columbia Town Hall is an intersection. Take that road south to the FOUR CORNERS SHOPPING CENTER, shopping hub for the whole downeast coastal region. Near the Four Corners are two restaurants. Cross Route 1 and continue straight ahead to Addison, a scenic village on the Pleasant River and the site of the famous ADDISON MARSHES, one of the best shore bird watching areas in Maine. A special HERB/SPICE/CRAFT SHOP is located in the village. In addition to tidal canoeing/kayaking, a LLAMA FARM is located outside the village center. Deep water moorings are available further south in South Addison, a working fishing community.

Retracing back through Addison village toward the Four Corners, take a right fork outside the village to Columbia Falls, home of the RUGGLES  HOUSE an 1818 showplace which is open to the public. Take a walking tour of the town and view the other historic homes, the outstanding pottery shop, and the scenic falls of the Pleasant River. The PLEASANT  RIVER  FISH  HATCHERY provides an excellent educational program that describes the life cycle of Atlantic Salmon. TIDAL CANOEING/KAYAKING is available below the falls.

Your road continues back out to Route 1. Immediately past Columbia Falls village you can turn north on Centerville Road to its end and MILTON MOUNTAIN. A short hike to the top provides a view of blueberry barrens, bog, and coastal lands to the ocean. Near the end of the Centerville Road, a logging road can be taken to beautiful HOLMES  FALLS on the Machias River, for canoeing/kayaking and swimming.

Continuing east on Route 1, turn south on Route 187 and drive to Jonesport/Beals, featuring picturesque views of the Atlantic, working fishing harbors, and LOBSTER POUNDS. On the drive to Jonesport, one mile from Route 1 on the left you will drive in to a quarry that displays the history of several glaciers retreating north. Two CHARTER  BOATS operate from Jonesport to view island life and puffins. Several restaurants and antique shops are located in Jonesport.

Take the big bridge over to Beals Island to visit the historic HOME OF TALL BARNEY  BEAL. Across a causeway, Great Wass Island offers a 1,540 acre of NATURE CONSERVANCY PRESERVE with two trails leading to unmatched ocean views. At the bridge to Beaks Island, visit the ATLANTIC HATCHERY to view the seeding and development of clams. As you take 187 north, you will see CROSSROADS  FARM, a beautiful seaside organic farm. This ends your tour with 187 continuing as a loop road back to Route 1.

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